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"Serving the Oil & Gas Industry for over 38 years"
Welcome to Statcom Ltd.
Statcom Ltd. is a full service seismic processing/tapecopy center based in Calgary, Alberta and have been delivering high quality products to the petroleum industry for over 38 years. We have Advanced 2D/3D/5D processing/tapecopy software and a dedicated team that includes;
SeisUP 2D/3D
Calcoulee 5D
Seismic Image Software.
Statcom Ltd. proprietary routines.
An experienced team of professionals working directly with you.
Attention to detail at all steps in the processing sequence.
We do not use a "Black Box" approach.
Efficient turnaround and competitive pricing.
Integrity in our work and our relationships.
Our goal at Statcom Ltd. is to provide our clients with consistent, high quality seismic data processing.