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Program Description
The Calcoulee Continuum is a prestack seismic processing program to perform five dimensional interpolation and
regularization of 3D seismic data.
The five dimensions are time, source-to-receiver common midpoint (CMP) x-coordinate, CMP y-coordinate, source-to-
receiver directional bearing (azimuth), and source-to-receiver distance (offset).
The final product of this program is a set of interpolated CMP gathers which are regularized in CMP, offset, and azimuth
distribution. Each output CMP gather has the same number of traces. Each trace in an output CMP gather is positioned at
its output CMP bin center. And in each output CMP gather, the traces within each azimuth bearing are regularly and
uniformly spaced in offset.
5D Interpolation and Regularization
There are several types of 5D interpolation used in the industry.
One approach attempts to increase the source and receiver sampling by creating an augmented geometry that includes
the original geometry plus desired new source and receiver locations. The output consists of the original data plus new
interpolated shots and receivers at the infill locations.
Another method of interpolation replaces the original data with new interpolated traces which are regularized in CMP x-
and y-coordinates and in source-to-receiver offset vector x- and y-coordinates.
The Calcoulee Continuum creates interpolated traces of regular spacing in CMP x- and y-coordinates, azimuth, and offset.
The output of this full regularization is composed of 100% interpolated traces that are positioned at regular intervals in
each of these dimensions. In other words, the original data are replaced totally by interpolated regularly spaced traces,
and the output is regular in CMP, offset, and azimuth distribution, providing full uniform coverage of offsets and
5D Interpolation