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Demultiplex / Reformat
Coordinate Geometry Application
Spherical Divergence Correction
Automatic and Manual Trace Editing
Instrument and Geophone Designature Dephasing
Vibroseis Correction (if applicable -- Convert to minimum phase)
F-K Filter (Optional)
5 Component Surface Consistent Amplitude Scaling
5 Component Surface Consistent Deconvolution (Freq or T. Domain)
Ground Roll Equalization
Zero Phase Frequency Deconvolution
5 Component Surface Consistent Amplitude Scaling
Refraction Analysis and Statics Application Every Shot (GLI or GRM)
Preliminary Velocity Analysis
1st Pass Surface Consistent Residual Static Correction
Final Velocity Analysis
2nd Pass Surface Consistent Residual Static Correction
Normal Moveout Correction
Front End Mute
Cross Correlation Statics Correction (Trim Statics)
Zero Phase Deconvolution (Optional)
F-K Filter (Optional)
F-X Deconvolution (Optional)
Radon Transform (Demultiple or Noise Attenuation)(Optional)
Pre-stack Migration (Optional)
Zero Phase Deconvolution
F-X Deconvolution
F-X-Y Migration ( or FD, FK, Kirchhoff etc.)
Frequency or Time Domain Bandpass Filter
Final Trace Equalization Scaling
Archive Final Stacks and CMP Gathers to choice of media
2-D Processing (Includes all optional processes)
Pricing for 2-D is done on a per record basis and is priced on volume.
3-D Processing
Pricing for complete 3-D Processing is done on a per project basis.
Please contact us for a bid specific to your program.
Software Summary
SeisUP 2-D/3-D Processing System
Calcoulee 5D
IPS 2-D Processing System
IXL 2-D/3-D Processing System
Prism 2-D Processing System
Vista Image Analysis
AVO Analysis / Display
Seismic Executive 2-D Processing System

Typical Processing Sequence