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Flatten data to prescibed horizon
Hampson-Russell refraction statics solution
3-D automatic residual statics by maximum power of pilot trace
3-D surface consistent automatic statics by radial cross-correlation
Automatic computation of first break picks
General statics application (roll-along, shot, sequential)
Interpolate statics
Linear Filtering
Filter data with a given wavelet or its inverse
Time-domain bandpass filtering
Add random noise to data
Bandpass noise subtraction (e.g. 50HZ or 60HZ)
Vibroseis correlation
Cross equalization - phase matching
Multi-trace Filtering
Predictive and spiking deconvolution
Dip intelligent coherency extraction
3-D dip intelligent coherency extraction
2-D F/K domain polygon filtering
F/X deconvolution
FXY deconvolution
High-cut K domain filtering
Low-cut K domain filtering
Parabolic Radon transform
Signal-to-noise enhancement by correlation
Linear Tau-P transform noise suppression
Multiple attenuation
Gain application by exponential curve
Time-variant equalization and scaling
Surface-consistent gain removal/application in ensemble domain
Spherical divergence
AGC scaling
Trace autocorrelation
Predictive and spiking deconvolution (time domain)
Ensemble deconvolution
Five component surface-consistent deconvolution (Spiking)
Five component surface-consistent phase and amplitude
Time-variant spectral enhancement
Compute operator to convert vibroseis to minimum phase
Extract wavelet and convert to minimum or zero phase
Velocity & NMO
2-D velocity analysis-constant velocity stack and semblance
3-D velocity analysis
Inverse normal move out
Normal move out application
3-D NMO, dip and bin center corrections
3 Parameter velocity analysis
Velocity interpolation and smoothing
Trace Editing
Localized amplitude processing to remove noise burst
Trace Mute
Trace omit & polarity reversal
Automatic spike editing
Migration & DMO
Time-to-depth conversion
2-D Kirchhoff DMO gather extraction
2-D Kirchhoff DMO and stack
3-D DMO and stack
3-D DMO gather extraction
3-D two pass stolt F/K migration
3-D one pass FXY migration
Kirchhoff migration aperture (Migration parameter QC)
3-D two pass kirchhoff migration
3-D two pass phase shift migration with turning wave option
3-D one pass phase shift migration with turning wave option
Velocity independent, radial velocity plane DMO
Velocity cube stack extraction
Velocity independent per-stack migration and/or DMO
AVO attribute stack (6 options)
Extraction of angle range stacks from input CMP or bin gathers
Compute F/K Spectrum
3-D fold distribution
Velocity analysis plot
Iso-velocity analysis plot
Plot seismic traces with annotation and label (color or B/W)
Plots time slices
3-D midpoint scatter
Before/after SGN2 calculation - amplitude attribute
3-D streamer position
Shot/receiver/midpoint map - land and marine
Interactive System Functions
Interactive geometry attribute QC
Interactive job flow editor
Interactive seismic data inventory analysis
Interactive Analysis
Interactive seismic display trace, edits/polarity reversals, window selection/muting first break picks/follow a horizon, interactive parameter picking, ect.
Interactive velocity analysis: semblance or constant velocity stacks
Interactive 3-component velocity analysis
Interactive velocity cube slicer